Skins Acid Mantle

  Do you remember the television ads for Simple Ph. Test? A bar of soap and a strip of litmus paper? Probably one of our 1st introductions to the “acid mantle” of the skin. The acid mantle and its health are so important for healthy skin but unfortunately can be damaged so easily by poor […]

Everyday habits that can damage your skin

As a facialist I often discuss tips on improving complexions with my clients but in so many skin consultations I hear clients repeat the same mistakes that I thought it would be worth looking at some habits that are certainly doing your skin more harm than good.   The basic premise of most of these points […]

Is your skin truly sensitive or is it your products?

  Sensitive skin is a common complaint, but sensitized skin is everywhere! So, what is the difference?  If you have sensitive skin you would have been born with it, you most probably have high colouring and its something that you have pretty much always had. Sensitised skin on the other hand usually comes about later.  […]

Your guide to oily skin

  Your guide to oily skin Oily skin is one of the most misunderstood skin types I come across and probably the most difficult to get handle on without expert advice.  That being said there are some basic rules that you can put in place easily without risking dreaded breakouts or the other extreme (that […]

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Calling all face pickers

Calling all Face Pickers You know who you are!  I get it, it’s difficult to leave those pesky lumps alone.  Rest assured though your skin is much better at dealing with them than you are.  Let me tell you why you should stop. You are making more spots When you squeeze an infected spot, we […]

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Broken Blood Vessels

As our skin gets older, capillaries can weaken and start to permanently dilate in certain areas. This can leave us with redness or obvious telangiectasia/broken capillaries at the surface which can give an uneven appearance to the skin. What can we do? Vitamin C as an ingredient both internally and topically can help to strengthen […]

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Are your skincare products giving you blackheads?

Blackheads and congestion are two things I hear consistently as concerns in skin consultations. Whilst it is impossible to permanently remove blackheads, there is plenty you can do to make them less obvious and also make your skin less prone to congesting. For anyone lucky enough to have never seen a blackhead on their own […]

Radio Frequency skin tightening

Do you worry about your skin losing tone? Fine lines or general lack of volume? Radio Frequency may be the treatment for you! Endymed Glow uses clinically proven radiofrequency technology to smooth wrinkles, lift sagging skin and contour the face and neck. What is it Radio Frequency or RF is a treatment that is used […]

Client Questions – Do I need Botox?

I am commonly asked by clients if I think they should get botox. This decision is such a personal choice but I think it is important to always start with the same question…… When you look in mirror, what about your skin is bothering you? If it is deep lines between the brows or upper […]

LED Light Therapy – why I use it in skincare

LED Light Therapy As most of my clients know I have been an advocate of light therapy as part of facial treatments for many years and add it into many of my skin treatments.  I love its effects on the skin but It’s often a part of the facial that many clients are intrigued as […]

The skincare steps and products I use daily

Do you have a routine you religiously follow for healthy skin?  In my experience most people are doing too many steps often leading to irritation and over saturation of skin with hydration products.  Over time this can lead to lazy skin often start issues with sensitivity, dehydration and issues with ageing.  What we apply to […]

Exfoliation – good or bad for your skin?

I believe exfoliation can make drastic changes to people’s skin – sometimes positive other times unfortunately not. The key with exfoliation is choosing the right product but more importantly the right product for your specific skin needs. Why exfoliate? Our skin naturally renews or exfoliates itself and this process is happening all the time. When […]

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Anti-Age – are you on track?

The annoying fact is that we are all going to age but there are plenty of things that we can do to help slow this process. Sleep well, eat well, exercise, stay hydrated, stay out of the sun and don’t smoke. You have heard it all before. What we follow from that list will play […]

Cleansing Brushes – should you be using them?

Cleansing brushes are something I come across consistently as part of well-intentioned skin care routines. Clients look confused and shocked when I tell them I would prefer if they didn’t use them while I treat their skin. But why you ask – I thought they were great? Firstly, if you are a brush user ask […]

Pregnancy Skincare

Skincare for Pregnancy

There are so many changes going on in a woman’s body during pregnancy that its no wonder that most pregnant women will also notice changes to their skin. For the lucky few it can be the infamous healthy glow we often hear people mention in the movies. I’m yet to hear any of my clients […]


Free radicals and anti-oxidants – what’s it all about?

We hear about free radicals and anti-oxidants all the time in relation to our skin and ageing but what’s it all about? Let me explain. ROS (reactive oxygen species) are oxygen molecules generated by sun or pollutants. Within our bodies oxygen can be a very reactive molecule and will take electrons from nearby molecules. This […]

Exercise for skin health

As all of us know, our skin changes in so many ways as we get older resulting in wrinkles, changes in tone and a duller complexion. For most of us from the age of 25-30 we will begin to experience a thickening of our stratum corneum, our top layer of skin. When this happens we […]

Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep We hear from a young age about the importance of getting enough sleep in order to repair and rejuvenate.   As we get older I wonder do we invest enough time in sleep or are we more focused on another hour on the couch watching our favourite television series?  How much sleep is enough […]

Skin friendly salmon burgers

  Skin boosting salmon burgers Salmon is a great source of omegas.  Omegas help nourish your skin from within providing a hydrated and glowing complexion.  This recipe is a great healthy alternative for dinner that will help boost your skin.  Enjoy! 1 lb. salmon, skinned 2 Tbs. drained pickled ginger 1/2 small red onion, roughly […]

Why you need a skin consultation

A skin consultation with a specialist is key when it comes to finding your optimum skincare routine. Finding your way through the mine field of skin care out there is a difficult task even for a professional so I’m always intrigued as to how my clients end up on the products they have when they arrive […]

Open Pores – 3 tips to help reduce

OPEN PORES – 3 TIPS TO REDUCE THEM What are they? Pores are small openings where the body’s natural oil called sebum is produced and released onto the surface of the skin. Pores are also hair follicles and are home to all of the hair found on your face and body. Why do pores increase […]

Everyday habits that can ruin your skin

Everyday habits that can ruin your skin As a facialist I often discuss tips on improving complexions with my clients but in so many skin consultations I hear clients repeat the same mistakes that I thought it would be worth looking at some habits that are certainly doing your skin more harm than good.   The […]

Dry and Dehydrated skin – What is the difference?

Ever wonder what the difference is between dry and dehydrated skin? Dehydrated skin is a lack of water whilst dry skin is a lack of natural lipids or oils.  If we look at the skin a little deeper we see that our top layers of skin cells naturally draw moisture from our environment daily to […]

Glowing youthful skin – The low down

We all want youthful glowing youthful skin but often feel it is out of our reach.  Here are some simple daily steps which will help you achieve a radiant complexion. Your skin is a reflection of your health. I know we would all prefer not to hear this but your daily diet will also affect […]


Micro-needling has to be one of my favourite treatments. The reason I go back to it time and time again for my clients is because it delivers great results.  Here is an introduction to the treatment. What is micro-needling? Micro-Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a roller device which is moved over the skins surface. […]

Pigmentation – tips for even skin tone

Dark spots and uneven skin tone starting to bother you? Let’s look at why issues with pigmentation are so common and if there is anything we can do to treat or prevent. Pigmentation or colour is an important part of a healthy skin and provides us with some natural protection against sun damage from UV […]

Image Skincare Clear Cell range

In the cosmetic world with so much choice, I often wonder how anyone with problem skin ends up on the right products.  So many products with so many claims often not having the desired result.  Over the years I have tried it all from toothpaste, perfume the whole lot in my quest for clear skin.  This seems to be a […]

Keratosis Pilaris

If you have tiny bumps on the tops of your arms or thighs, it is highly possible you are suffering from a harmless skin condition called keratosis pilaris.  It is caused by the build-up of the main protein in the skin, keratin.  It appears as white or red bumps on the surface where keratin becomes […]

Changing skincare with the seasons

The importance of changing skincare with the seasons.  The top layers of our skin are in a constant state of change, renewing consistently to provide a protective barrier and a supple hydrated complexion. In order to do this effectively your skin requires some supplies, one such vital supply is water. This is where weather can […]

Skincare tips for brides to be

We all want beautiful skin but on our wedding day we tend to set the bar a little higher. Here are my skincare tips for brides to be. My advice is always to start into a skin care plan where possible about 6 months prior to the big day. There will be enough going on […]

Prepping your skin for the party season

My favourite time of year is nearly upon us. Loads of get togethers with family and friends and maybe it’s the thought of impending time off work but everyone always seems a little happier. The same cannot always be said for our skin where a few too many Christmas parties, cold weather and central heating […]

Top 5 tips for beautiful skin

You are in control 1. Everyone is after the best treatments possible for their skin and while there are amazing treatments available I always tell my clients that they are in control of the results they are going to achieve. What do I mean? Think of it like going to the dentist – we go […]

Zo by Obagi at home peel

I have always advocated the importance of a good home care routine for optimal skin health and will always review what my clients are putting on their skin at home. Good skincare daily is a must if you want good skin! Think of it like brushing your teeth, you brush them twice daily and then […]

Taking care of your skin this winter

Our recent changes in weather coupled with our return to central heating over the last few weeks can play havoc with hydration levels in our skins. Feelings of tightness, dehydration or irritation are common place at this time of year and are down to a few subtle changes in the surface layers of our skin. […]

Facial wipes – are they bad for your skin?

facial wipes

Facial wipes – are they a problem for your skin?
The short answer is yes.
I know we are all busy and sometimes the thought of cleansing seems like an arduous task but it’s a very important basic to get right as part of your skin care routine. Wipes can be appealing for convenience but there are plenty of other quick alternatives that are effective and wont damage your skin.



April was designated as Rosacea awareness month by The National Rosacea Association to educate the public on this chronic skin condition.  Today I wanted to discuss rosacea but also some tips  which can help manage and control symptoms. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which affects a high percentage of the population. It is considered to be chronic and without […]


Having personally suffered with acne on and off since my early teens I know how upsetting it can be to have skin issues at any age. I must say on the plus side as a girl I was always very thankful for the high coverage foundations that I packed on not knowing they were causing […]


When asked what my desert island product is I find it very difficult to get my list down to one thing.  In fact the furthest I can whittle my collection of potions down is three products, a sunscreen, anti-oxidant serum and a constant supply of retinol.  Having previously suffered from acne I work hard at […]


As I’m writing this its lashing rain outside and an all round pretty miserable morning but like every other day I wouldn’t leave the house without a generous application of my favourite sunscreen.  Many people wonder particularly in our climate if its necessary to use SPF year round.  The answer is an all resounding yes!  Let […]