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A skin consultation with a specialist is key when it comes to finding your optimum skincare routine.

Finding your way through the mine field of skin care out there is a difficult task even for a professional so I’m always intrigued as to how my clients end up on the products they have when they arrive to see me.

Some have picked up products because their friends liked them, others liked the packaging and some were recommended products in a department store.  It’s rare that they have ever been prescribed for them even though my clients invariably have specific concerns they would like addressed.

Firstly think of the importance of skin.  It’s the largest organ in the human body and gives us an extremely effective shield against our environment.  It provides a waterproof barrier, stops bacteria and allergens from penetrating, serves as protection from UV light and locks water into itself for hydration.  When working optimally your skin will look and feel comfortable, hydrated and will have an even glowing colour.

To function effectively it requires anti-oxidants, vitamins, water and amino acids (among other things).  Whilst we should be getting this from our diet, this is invariably not the case leaving our skin with below optimum levels of nutrients.  Like a body without food, it starts to weaken. This leads to dysfunction, poor regeneration and a generally lifeless complexion.  The long term effects of this can lead to issues with hydration and even premature ageing.   Therefore what you apply topically is extremely important – you are literally feeding your skin.

So what do you want to feed your skin with?  The latest must have ingredient that is all over television or the tried and tested ingredients that have been proven to support skin function.  I know which I want to apply.  Choosing skincare for me should always fall back to supplying the skin what it needs to function not drowning it in products that not only don’t supply what it needs but can actually slow down renewal.

My advice is always to seek a consultation with a professional skin specialist or facialist you can give you unbiased advice on what skincare will work best for you.  Often the best programmes are simple to use and work.  Remember over 80% of the results you will achieve on your skin come from what you apply at home, choose wisely.

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