As our skin gets older, capillaries can weaken and start to permanently dilate in certain areas. This can leave us with redness or obvious telangiectasia/broken capillaries at the surface which can give an uneven appearance to the skin.

  • What can we do?
    Vitamin C as an ingredient both internally and topically can help to strengthen the skin and is worth having as part of your routine.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Use sunscreen daily

Is there any treatment and how does it work?
IPL is a commonly used treatment for telangiectasia. Using a hand-piece placed on the skin, controlled pulses of light are released into the skin that are targeted to discolouration (brown and red). IPL targets telangiectasia by damaging the vessel wall. The skin then naturally removes it over time leaving a more even complexion.

How many treatments?
Generally 3-5 treatments of IPL are recommended. They are normally spaced monthly for best results.

What should I expect after treatment
Skin will be pink and warm and some vessels may look darker for a few days post treatment.

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