Calling all Face Pickers

You know who you are!  I get it, it’s difficult to leave those pesky lumps alone.  Rest assured though your skin is much better at dealing with them than you are.  Let me tell you why you should stop.

You are making more spots

When you squeeze an infected spot, we can’t unfortunately see the damage we are doing underneath the skin.  Squeezing where there is infection will spread the infection into the surrounding skin underneath the spot.  This invariably ends up as the characteristic cluster of breakouts beside each other that shows me you are a picker!


We have all been in the position where a picked small spot turns into a total volcano that takes weeks to go down.  When you squeeze you can create more inflammation in the area which makes everything redder and more obvious.  It also increases your chance of scarring.


Creating more inflammation in the skin when it is trying to heal itself can lead to scarring and pigmented marks called post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.  These can leave a brown mark that is often difficult to disguise where the spot was.

What can I do?

  • As always make sure you are on the right home-care products. Some skincare ingredients can make spot prone skins much worse so it is always worth taking advice.  Whilst clearing congestion completely is difficult to avoid on oily skin, the right home-care can make a huge difference.  If you are unsure of what to use start with a skin consultation.
  • Book a deep cleansing facial or peel where extractions can be preformed by a professional for you. This will give the skin a deep clean without the risk of making matters worse.

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