I am commonly asked by clients if I think they should get botox. This decision is such a personal choice but I think it is important to always start with the same question……
When you look in mirror, what about your skin is bothering you?
If it is deep lines between the brows or upper forehead these can be indications for muscle relaxant treatments like botox so may be worth considering.
If, however your concern is dullness, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, pores, marks, lack of tone these may all be better served with a good skin care routine and prescribed treatments. The reality is most of us as we get older have more than one concern with our skin and can often do with a dual pronged approach – skincare and medical consultation.
If you look at pictures of glowing celebrities from red carpet events who look well for their age. Take notice that yes, they rarely have wrinkles and invariably do have injectables but they also invest in glowing beautiful skin. This is what makes them look youthful.
I feel it is very important to look at the overall picture to achieve best results. If you took an old shirt and ironed out every wrinkle on it the shirt will still look old. This is unfortunately the same with skin. Botox can make you look more youthful but only if the background (your skin) is also healthy. This is when you achieve a youthful appearance rather than an older appearance with no lines. Im sure we have all seen examples of this!
So to answer – should I get botox? If certain lines concern you it may be worth considering a consultation with a recommended medical professional who can recommend for you but also remember the path to youthful skin starts with healthy skin.

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