LED Light Therapy

As most of my clients know I have been an advocate of light therapy as part of facial treatments for many years and add it into many of my skin treatments.  I love its effects on the skin but It’s often a part of the facial that many clients are intrigued as to what it does.  Here is why I use it….

Light therapy works on the principle that cells can absorb and be influenced by light.  Think of one of your summer holidays where you burnt your skin or got a little too much sun – we have all seen the negative impact over exposure to light can cause but light also has amazing benefits for our body and skin such as vitamin d production.  The key with light therapy is using the correct wavelength of light and for the right period of time/dose to gain benefit.

What does it do?

LED light stimulates cells in the deeper layers of the skin to convert energy produced by the light into ATP which is your cells natural fuel.  By giving cells the requirements they need to function properly it creates a charge effect in cell metabolism aiding in collagen and elastin production, hydration, healing and even the management of acne prone skins.

Different wavelengths of light are picked up at different levels of the skin.  Red light travels into the deeper layers stimulating a strengthening and rejuvenating response.  It is often used in the treatment of ageing skin or rosacea.  Red light can also be used post treatment to heal and soothe.  Blue light is used for the management of acne bacteria and is a great addition to peels and homecare to help clear a breakout prone skin.

What’s also lovely about this skin therapy is that it is completely non-invasive.  It can be easily used in conjunction with many other skin treatments and offers a safe and healthy way to rejuvenate all skins.

Have you tried it?

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