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The importance of changing skincare with the seasons. 

The top layers of our skin are in a constant state of change, renewing consistently to provide a protective barrier and a supple hydrated complexion.

In order to do this effectively your skin requires some supplies, one such vital supply is water.

This is where weather can play a huge part in the comfort and hydration levels of our skin.  Humidity, temperature changes and our environment can help or hinder our skins renewal processes leaving us with some tell-tale symptoms of weather change.  For this reason our skin requires different support at different times of the year.  Let’s take a look at the seasons:

Winter:  Along with a drop in temperature, the holiday season will often bring plenty of sleepless nights, higher alcohol intake, a few log fires and central heating all of which rob your skin of its vital water content.  This slows down your skins exfoliation process and leaves skin more exposed leading to dehydration and irritation.

Season tip:  Drink extra water to compensate for any changes to routine.  Add a good quality omega supplement into your diet.  Rid your skin of that tight or flaky appearance by adding a hydration serum to your skincare to protect and support your complexion.

Spring:  For most, spring brings a reprieve to the tight irritated skin so common during winter.  For some though spring can be the start of allergy season because of rising pollen counts.  If affected it can irritate eyes and nose with a more flushed appearance from dilated capillaries.

Season tip:  Choose anti-inflammatory ingredients such as vitamin c, stem cells and chamomile to strengthen capillary walls.

Summer:  Season of sun damage! Protect, protect, protect.  As we know high sun exposure can lead to sun burn on unprotected skins.  When we are in the sun we are also experiencing damage to our deeper skin layers leading to wrinkles, lack of tone and long term changes to pigment.  Sun damage is responsible for up to 90% of premature ageing.  Whist you may not see the damage straight away, UV damage can take up to 20 years to surface.  What you do now will have a huge impact on your skin as you get older.

Season tip: Choose a good quality broad spectrum sun screen with anti-oxidants.  Where possible apply a vitamin c serum under this daily. This will give you the best protection against UV rays and help to prevent premature ageing.

Autumn:  Autumn, depending on temperatures usually is a good time to renew and recover from previous aggressors.  If temperatures are low, you may need extra hydration but in general autumn is a good season to get skin in shape for the year ahead.

Season tip:   This is a great time to add in a booster treatment either professionally or at home.  Choose a serum with lactic acid to renew, hydrate and get skin glowing.

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