Everyday habits that can damage your skin

As a facialist I often discuss tips on improving complexions with my clients but in so many skin consultations I hear clients repeat the same mistakes that I thought it would be worth looking at some habits that are certainly doing your skin more harm than good.   The basic premise of most of these points […]

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Is your skin truly sensitive or is it your products?

  Sensitive skin is a common complaint, but sensitized skin is everywhere! So, what is the difference?  If you have sensitive skin you would have been born with it, you most probably have high colouring and its something that you have pretty much always had. Sensitised skin on the other hand usually comes about later.  […]


Your guide to oily skin

  Your guide to oily skin Oily skin is one of the most misunderstood skin types I come across and probably the most difficult to get handle on without expert advice.  That being said there are some basic rules that you can put in place easily without risking dreaded breakouts or the other extreme (that […]

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Calling all face pickers

Calling all Face Pickers You know who you are!  I get it, it’s difficult to leave those pesky lumps alone.  Rest assured though your skin is much better at dealing with them than you are.  Let me tell you why you should stop. You are making more spots When you squeeze an infected spot, we […]

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Broken Blood Vessels

As our skin gets older, capillaries can weaken and start to permanently dilate in certain areas. This can leave us with redness or obvious telangiectasia/broken capillaries at the surface which can give an uneven appearance to the skin. What can we do? Vitamin C as an ingredient both internally and topically can help to strengthen […]

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Are your skincare products giving you blackheads?

Blackheads and congestion are two things I hear consistently as concerns in skin consultations. Whilst it is impossible to permanently remove blackheads, there is plenty you can do to make them less obvious and also make your skin less prone to congesting. For anyone lucky enough to have never seen a blackhead on their own […]


Radio Frequency skin tightening

Do you worry about your skin losing tone? Fine lines or general lack of volume? Radio Frequency may be the treatment for you! Endymed Glow uses clinically proven radiofrequency technology to smooth wrinkles, lift sagging skin and contour the face and neck. What is it Radio Frequency or RF is a treatment that is used […]


Client Questions – Do I need Botox?

I am commonly asked by clients if I think they should get botox. This decision is such a personal choice but I think it is important to always start with the same question…… When you look in mirror, what about your skin is bothering you? If it is deep lines between the brows or upper […]


LED Light Therapy – why I use it in skincare

LED Light Therapy As most of my clients know I have been an advocate of light therapy as part of facial treatments for many years and add it into many of my skin treatments.  I love its effects on the skin but It’s often a part of the facial that many clients are intrigued as […]


The skincare steps and products I use daily

Do you have a routine you religiously follow for healthy skin?  In my experience most people are doing too many steps often leading to irritation and over saturation of skin with hydration products.  Over time this can lead to lazy skin often start issues with sensitivity, dehydration and issues with ageing.  What we apply to […]