Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep We hear from a young age about the importance of getting enough sleep in order to repair and rejuvenate.   As we get older I wonder do we invest enough time in sleep or are we more focused on another hour on the couch watching our favourite television series?  How much sleep is enough […]

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Skin friendly salmon burgers

  Skin boosting salmon burgers Salmon is a great source of omegas.  Omegas help nourish your skin from within providing a hydrated and glowing complexion.  This recipe is a great healthy alternative for dinner that will help boost your skin.  Enjoy! 1 lb. salmon, skinned 2 Tbs. drained pickled ginger 1/2 small red onion, roughly […]


Why you need a skin consultation

A skin consultation with a specialist is key when it comes to finding your optimum skincare routine. Finding your way through the mine field of skin care out there is a difficult task even for a professional so I’m always intrigued as to how my clients end up on the products they have when they arrive […]

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Open Pores – 3 tips to help reduce

OPEN PORES – 3 TIPS TO REDUCE THEM What are they? Pores are small openings where the body’s natural oil called sebum is produced and released onto the surface of the skin. Pores are also hair follicles and are home to all of the hair found on your face and body. Why do pores increase […]

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Everyday habits that can ruin your skin

Everyday habits that can ruin your skin As a facialist I often discuss tips on improving complexions with my clients but in so many skin consultations I hear clients repeat the same mistakes that I thought it would be worth looking at some habits that are certainly doing your skin more harm than good.   The […]

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Dry and Dehydrated skin – What is the difference?

Ever wonder what the difference is between dry and dehydrated skin? Dehydrated skin is a lack of water whilst dry skin is a lack of natural lipids or oils.  If we look at the skin a little deeper we see that our top layers of skin cells naturally draw moisture from our environment daily to […]

beautiful skin

Glowing youthful skin – The low down

We all want youthful glowing youthful skin but often feel it is out of our reach.  Here are some simple daily steps which will help you achieve a radiant complexion. Your skin is a reflection of your health. I know we would all prefer not to hear this but your daily diet will also affect […]



Micro-needling has to be one of my favourite treatments. The reason I go back to it time and time again for my clients is because it delivers great results.  Here is an introduction to the treatment. What is micro-needling? Micro-Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a roller device which is moved over the skins surface. […]

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Pigmentation – tips for even skin tone

Dark spots and uneven skin tone starting to bother you? Let’s look at why issues with pigmentation are so common and if there is anything we can do to treat or prevent. Pigmentation or colour is an important part of a healthy skin and provides us with some natural protection against sun damage from UV […]


Image Skincare Clear Cell range

In the cosmetic world with so much choice, I often wonder how anyone with problem skin ends up on the right products.  So many products with so many claims often not having the desired result.  Over the years I have tried it all from toothpaste, perfume the whole lot in my quest for clear skin.  This seems to be a […]