Exfoliation – good or bad for your skin?

I believe exfoliation can make drastic changes to people’s skin – sometimes positive other times unfortunately not. The key with exfoliation is choosing the right product but more importantly the right product for your specific skin needs. Why exfoliate? Our skin naturally renews or exfoliates itself and this process is happening all the time. When […]

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Anti-Age – are you on track?

The annoying fact is that we are all going to age but there are plenty of things that we can do to help slow this process. Sleep well, eat well, exercise, stay hydrated, stay out of the sun and don’t smoke. You have heard it all before. What we follow from that list will play […]

circa 1935:  Port Kelton, star of RKO's 'Bachelor Bait' scrubs her face, neck and hands with a soft complexion brush as part of her regular beauty routine.  (Photo by Robert Coburn/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Cleansing Brushes – should you be using them?

Cleansing brushes are something I come across consistently as part of well-intentioned skin care routines. Clients look confused and shocked when I tell them I would prefer if they didn’t use them while I treat their skin. But why you ask – I thought they were great? Firstly, if you are a brush user ask […]

Pregnancy Skincare

Skincare for Pregnancy

There are so many changes going on in a woman’s body during pregnancy that its no wonder that most pregnant women will also notice changes to their skin. For the lucky few it can be the infamous healthy glow we often hear people mention in the movies. I’m yet to hear any of my clients […]


Free radicals and anti-oxidants – what’s it all about?

We hear about free radicals and anti-oxidants all the time in relation to our skin and ageing but what’s it all about? Let me explain. ROS (reactive oxygen species) are oxygen molecules generated by sun or pollutants. Within our bodies oxygen can be a very reactive molecule and will take electrons from nearby molecules. This […]

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Exercise for skin health

As all of us know, our skin changes in so many ways as we get older resulting in wrinkles, changes in tone and a duller complexion. For most of us from the age of 25-30 we will begin to experience a thickening of our stratum corneum, our top layer of skin. When this happens we […]


Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep We hear from a young age about the importance of getting enough sleep in order to repair and rejuvenate.   As we get older I wonder do we invest enough time in sleep or are we more focused on another hour on the couch watching our favourite television series?  How much sleep is enough […]

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Skin friendly salmon burgers

  Skin boosting salmon burgers Salmon is a great source of omegas.  Omegas help nourish your skin from within providing a hydrated and glowing complexion.  This recipe is a great healthy alternative for dinner that will help boost your skin.  Enjoy! 1 lb. salmon, skinned 2 Tbs. drained pickled ginger 1/2 small red onion, roughly […]


Why you need a skin consultation

A skin consultation with a specialist is key when it comes to finding your optimum skincare routine. Finding your way through the mine field of skin care out there is a difficult task even for a professional so I’m always intrigued as to how my clients end up on the products they have when they arrive […]

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Open Pores – 3 tips to help reduce

OPEN PORES – 3 TIPS TO REDUCE THEM What are they? Pores are small openings where the body’s natural oil called sebum is produced and released onto the surface of the skin. Pores are also hair follicles and are home to all of the hair found on your face and body. Why do pores increase […]